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Partners make it possible to serve the homeless community by providing food, clothes, toiletries. Allowing us to help, love, and pray for people surviving life on the street and be a part of their recovery.

Legacy Wesleyan Church
Providing Facilities
parking lot, basement
Sunrise United Methodist Church
Providing food
Hope For Today
Providing Food
Providing Food
Black Forest
His Urban Presence Ministry
Providing Food
The Road @ Chapel Hills
Providing support for food and clothes.
Cross Creek Fountain
Thrift House
Shopping with a purpose @ 1027 S Tejon St.
Community Involvement
Sock It To Em
Providing Free Socks
Pikes Peak Biker Church
Providing Coats
Clothing Drive
Garden of Gods Garden of the Gods Se
Storage for rescue blankets
God's Pantry
Providing Clothes
Helping Those In Need
Fountainhead Self-Storage
Donate Storage
Community Involvement
Providing Gift Cards
Arc Thrift
Affordable 1/2 price sale
King Soopers
Community Involvement
Providing Gift Cards
The Sanctuary Church Westside
Storage Location
Invest In This Ministry
Picture by Stuart Miles
Mountain Thrift
Great Prices on used clothes
Work Opportunity Program
Replaced glass in van that hauls the grills and food items.
Crossroads Chapel SBC
2015 Food & Support
Swirly Cow
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“I never thought I would become someone who is homeless.  I thank More Than A Meal for what they do it really helps.”

Nickname: 6' 9", Colorado Springs

“I am glad to be involved as a volunteer helping handing out clothes.  Because More Than A Meal helped me when I was living on the streets.”

Mike G, Colorado Springs Artist


“Volunteering with More Than A Meal is I feel lead to be a part of.  They show up every Saturday morning to feed and clothe people who are in need.  I used to be one of those people with no place to live.  Now that I have a place to stay and a good job giving back is important to me.”

Ben C, Colorado Springs


I called when I had no place to sleep other than my truck.  There was no one I could call for help.  More Than A Meal helped me fix my breaks so I could continue to sleep in my truck.  Now I have a job and will be in an apartment soon.

Samantha L, Colorado Springs


After five years of living under a bridge, I am glad to be getting an apartment of my own.  I'm thankful for More Than A Meal doing a breakfast and helping me out along the way

William B, Colorado Springs

​​Call us:

Randy Sirota

(719) 447-5009

Directions Legacy Wesleyan Church

502 N Walnut St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

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More Than A Meal, Inc.

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