About Us

    More Than A Meal, Inc., serves citizens who are at or below the poverty level and/or homeless.  Every Saturday morning we meet at 7:30 a.m. to cook and serve breakfast and hand out clothing and toiletries to the homeless.   We are a collection of diverse people who come together as the Body of Christ to share in serving the community.


Hosted at:

Legacy Wesleyan Church

502 N Walnut St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80905


    For many of the people that we help, the food and clothes they receive really are a hand up and not a handout.  We rejoice when someone who was homeless returns with the good news that they will be getting an apartment or have found a good job.  Join us to help others and make a difference in people’s lives.  


    The need for clothes is still great as there are never enough jeans or boots for everyone that attends the breakfast. In 2018, we continue to average 80 homeless per week that receive clothes and a hot breakfast. In the summer of 2017 and 2018, we are seeing over 100 people on most Saturdays.


    Our goal is to treat everyone as the precious person they are in God’s sight.  We play Christian music and have a short sermon to encourage the homeless to accept the free gift of salvation.  But first, we hand out the clothes and food to those who live on the street so they may feel the love of Christ and know that salvation is for them with "No Strings Attached".  


    We have witnessed the power of Jesus changing lives.  Some of our volunteers have more than 10 years of sobriety and are an example that Jesus can break the chains of addiction and save the lost.  Remember not all homeless people have addictions.  Many are willing to work they just need help to get back on their feet.


    If you would like to volunteer there is no need to sign up, just make plans to join us for this week's Saturday Morning Breakfast.  Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  Large groups plan your volunteer Saturday with us in advance so we may reserve that weekend for your group.


    Please partner with us and help "Give A Hand Up Not A Hand-Out".  Your support will allow us to purchase more clothes like jeans, jackets, and boots.  We need your financial support to provide more necessities to pass out to the homeless.  We are an all-volunteer organization and spend 100% of your donation on clothing and basic needs.


Thank you,



More Than A Meal, Inc. 

Randy Sirota