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Vehicle Donation

Question: Is your organization a federally registered non-profit?

Answer: Yes, More Than A Meal, Inc. has been eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions since 2012. Exempt Organizations Link:

Federal Tax ID Number EIN: 45-4444272


Question: How your car will be used and where it will go?

Answer: We will sell the car for a fair price and donate all of the proceeds to More Than A Meal, Inc.  We use funds to buy clothes and give them to the homeless.


Question: Will the money from the sale of your car will be used locally or outside of your community?

Answer: All money donated stays locally in Colorado Springs to help those in need.  We are a faith-based public charity in Colorado Springs qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  After the sale, we will provide you with a receipt to use for a tax deduction.


Question: Which programs or services within the charity will receive funding from the sale?

Answer: We are focused on clothing and food services.  With more money, we can try to provide more expensive items like boots and more jeans. We gather what we can so we can continue to feed and clothe the homeless every Saturday.


Question: What is the efficiency rating of the charity? (A lower rating means more of your donation goes toward administrative costs, not to the programs and services you want to support.)

Answer: We are an all-volunteer organization.  This means 100% of your donation is used to buy food and clothes.


Note: The IRS has clamped down on how much you can write off on donated cars. No longer can you submit a vehicle's full value or "blue book" value for your tax deduction. Now, instead, you can only claim the amount for which it is sold or the fair market value.

For tax purposes, More Than A Meal, Inc. will mail you a receipt of the sale with the actual amount for which it sold.



  • Completing a title transfer to More Than A Meal, Inc.

  • Completing a notice of transfer/release of liability form. (We Provide)

  • Cancel your car insurance policy.

Registered 501(c)(3) EIN: 45-4444272

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