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Partners make it possible to serve the homeless community by providing food, clothes, toiletries. Allowing us to help, love, and pray for people surviving life on the street and be a part of their recovery.

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“I never thought I would become someone who is homeless.  I thank More Than A Meal for what they do it really helps.”

Nickname: 6' 9", Colorado Springs

“I am glad to be involved as a volunteer helping handing out clothes.  Because More Than A Meal helped me when I was living on the streets.”

Mike G, Colorado Springs Artist


“Volunteering with More Than A Meal is I feel lead to be a part of.  They show up every Saturday morning to feed and clothe people who are in need.  I used to be one of those people with no place to live.  Now that I have a place to stay and a good job giving back is important to me.”

Ben C, Colorado Springs


I called when I had no place to sleep other than my truck.  There was no one I could call for help.  More Than A Meal helped me fix my breaks so I could continue to sleep in my truck.  Now I have a job and will be in an apartment soon.

Samantha L, Colorado Springs


After five years of living under a bridge, I am glad to be getting an apartment of my own.  I'm thankful for More Than A Meal doing a breakfast and helping me out along the way

William B, Colorado Springs

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